About Us

Umeed – A hope for better life
UMEED is a social activity club started under the heads of Poornima group of colleges. The club was established 4 years ago on 14' Nov ' 2011 under the extra-curricular activities of PGC hostels.
The club was started with an approx. of 13 members which today has increased upto a group of 500+ members. It includes students of all the years’ pursuing B.Tech from different colleges of Poornima foundation. And the club is running in collaboration with all the hostels of PGC. But gradually has spread its root across the entire PGC family which also includes day-scholars.
Now UMEED is registered NGO under Rajasthan Society Registration Act 28,1958 and with member of different college student, Faculty and Businessmen.

Under the span of these 3 years the club has carried out many social ventures.
Just to list:
Teaching and organizing extra-curricular activities for the mess workers. Slum area activity: -Teaching and interacting with the children in the slum areas. Fruit and clothes distribution Visits to various NGOs and Orphanages. Take Care –Donation for the needy Plantation Most of them proved to be a satisfying success but a few to our bad luck also went in vain like the ‘Jaljeera distribution for no cost’ at ‘Aarohan-The college Fest’ but could not shatter our hopes and willingness to work of our men and society.
The club shows the traits of unity in diversity since it has no boundaries of caste or religion, place or habitation. Neither there is any differentiation on the grounds of academics or social background of the students. All the members and volunteers are an equally important part of the effort put. Each one of us is fully dedicated and clear about our responsibilities towards the club and society.

Our Mission is to give life.



Our mission is to prevent child labour so that India could lead with young mind. To inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children to achieve lasting change in their lives.



A better world is in women's hands now. Our motto is to enhance women empowerment which helps to attain the right to survival, protection, development and participation.

Our Vision is to save the planet

If you have more than you need then share it with those who need it most. One year ago we started a nationwide movement driven by the belief that all children and women - whoever they are, wherever they are - have the right to a healthy, happy & fulfilling life. And the belief that change is within reach, if we have courage, determination, imagination and good organisation.

We know change is possible. Umeed's experience in changing children's and women`s lives for the better in the past year is the foundation for what we do today and tomorrow to build a better future for children and women.

Our Founders

Shining Stars

Our star performer scored 1st divison in 10th standard after a whole year of sacrifice and hard work. It takes special dedication and perseverance.We congratulate you and wish you the best as you embark on your next exciting adventure. Your achievement is an example to us all.
Muskan Diwaker
Muskan Diwaker is a small kid who lived with her mother and two siblings in Kishangarh. She belongs to a poor family who cannot afford the overall expense. Now, She is sponsored by our team which helps to live her life with dignity. We wish you all the very best for your future.

Umeed Stars

Mrs Asha Chauhan

She is a kind woman who donated some amount for the sake of poor people. We are humbled by your recent expression of support for our work. .

Mrs Sushma Vyas

In response to your recent donation to umeed foundation , We join with the people who benefited with it, in saying thank you, for your generosity.

Mr Udit Singhi

Thank you for supporting our Umeed Foundation with your gift of donation. We are grateful for your continued, faithful support of our cause.

Mr Gautam Rupani (Revine Outfits)

Thanks again for your donation. You are an example to us of a true servant spirit, esteeming others more than yourself, and putting others priorities ahead of your own.

A World in which every child attains the right to survival, protection and development


mln of working childern

More than half of the 5.5 million working children are in Bihar,UP, Rajasthan, MP and Maharashtra.

mln of hungry people

India tops world hunger list with 194 million people.

% of illiterate childern

The litercay ratio of India is 65.38% with male literacy at 75.85% and female literacy at 54.16%.

mln of domestic violence

total lifetime prevalence of domestic violence was 33.5% among women aged 15-49.